dreamdate / with Lisa Jäger / Kunstbuero /Vienna, Austria (exhibition)

dorf III / curated by Michael Günzer, Conny Meyer, Dennis Buck / Senden, Germany (group exhibiton)

stinking Dawn / Gelitin and Liam Gillick / Kunsthalle / Vienna, Austria (cooperation)     

über das Neue / OneMessGallery / Belvedere21 / Vienna, Austria (group Exhibiton)             

archetypes of organic waste / Gelitin / Beyond hard / Galerie Meyer Kainer / Vienna, Austria (contract work)   

sculptural camera / Phillip Fleischmann / Austrian Pavillon / Venice, Italy (contract work)


vorm-fellows-attitude / Gelitin / Bojmans Museum / Rotterdam, Netherlands (cooperation)  

objects / sculpture department, art-university / Linz, Austria (lecture)

artist statement / parallel 2018 / Vienna, Austria (group exhibition)

monobloc-project /curated by Michel Kowalski und Franck Dujoux / Arcade / Château de Sainte Colombe, France (group exhibiton)



copyofacopyofa / Gallery Rauminhalt_Harald Bichler/ Vienna, Austria/ (solo exhibition)

mad cow / SCAG / Vienna, Austria/ (group exhibiton)

rocking armchair relation / Gottrekorder e.V., Graz, Austria / (group exhibition)

copyofacopyofa / Gallery Rauminhalt_Harald Bichler, Vienna (teaser)



ceci n`est pas une copie / curated by Chris Meplon / CID-Grand Hornu Museum / Boussu, Belgium (group exhibiton)
rocking armchair relation / OneWorkGallery / ViennaContemporary / Vienna, Austria (fair)
wild tier freigehege / OneMessGallery/ Vienna, Austria (group exhibiton)



gartenschau / Arsenal / Vienna, Austria  (group exhibiton)

rocking armchair representative / OneWorkGallery / Vienna Contemporary/ Vienna, Austria (fair)

spine / Parallel United / Gallery Krobath / Vienna, Austria (group exhibition)

OMG / project space, parallel / OneWorkGallery / Vienna, Austria (curation)

innovationen /curated by Susanne Jakob M.A / Kunstverein / Neuhausen, Germany (group exhibiton)
rocking armchair representative / OneWorkGallery/ Vienna, Austria (solo exhibition)



plastic age / Eres-Stiftung / Munich, Germany (group exhibiton)

ladyland / class of Florian Reither and friends / Gallery Schloß Damtschach/ Kärnten, Austria (group exhibition)

foldable chair / Ambiente, Talents /Frankfurt am Main, Germany (fair)
NICE Vol.1 / NICE Kollektiv /Nuernberg, Germany (group exhibiton)


 monobloc chairs / Ventura Lambrate Warehouse, Fuorisalone / Milano, Italy (fair)
Vous voulez rire? / curated by 5.5. Designers / Le Corbusier Church in Firminy, Saint Etienne, France (biennale)
collector`s view / curated by Herbert Martin / Gallery Oechsner/ Nuernberg, Germany (group exhibiton)
so nah, so fern /curated by Anna Lena Werner , artfridge / AEG/ Nuernberg, Germany (group Exhibiton)

Chess is a sitting Sport /Stroke Artfair/ Munich, Germany /(fair)
exhibition for one night / curated by Karin Srb and Sven Ley / Villa Flick /Munich, Germany (group exhibiton)



spine / Ostrale`12 / Dresden, Germany (group exhibition)
stelle de quartiere / Makerlab (Berlin) and Politecnico di Milano /Salone del Mobile / Milano, Italy (cooperation)
happy few / class of Ottmar Hörl and friends / Ölhalle / Frankfurt am Main, Germany (group exhibition)



orgament / Ettlin / ZKM / Karlsruhe, Germany (group exhibition)
occupez l`espace publique! /
class of Simone Decker, La Vitrine / Paris, France (group exhibition)


2019/20    university assistant /sculpture department/ Linz, Austria                           

2010/12   postgraduated diploma in arts and durban spaces/ Nuernberg, Germany

2007            internship at Luigi Colani / Karlsruhe, Germany                                    

2006            scolarship at ingwar kamprad (IKEA) design center / Lund, Sweden       

2004/08     diploma productdesign/ Dresden, Germany                                        

2003/04     3 semesters architecture / Reichenbach, Germany                                


born 1981 in Zwickau, Germany

(send presents on the 4th august)