Material: resin, glass fiber, polyurethane, steel, oak, Aluminium, C_Print, PET-G
Dimensions: 120cm x8cm x178cm (lxbxh)
Edition No. 2/3, Year: 2016
group exhibition featuring works of
Alvar Aalto, ​Volker Albus​, ​Maarten Baas, Pieke Bergmans, ​HP Berlage​, ​Bouroullecs​, Andrea Branzi​, Achille Castiglioni​, ​Bonet, ​Kurchan et Hardoy​, ​Hilde De Decker, ​Michele De Lucchi​, ​Charles and Ray Eames, ​Egon Eiermann, ​Joseph Beverly Fenby, ​Martino Gamper​, Konstantin Grcic​, ​Herzog & De Meuron​, ​Poul Henningsen​, Patrick Hoet, ​Josef Hoffmann, ​Richard Hutten, ​Jacob Jacobsen​, ​Hella Jongerius​, ​Simon Karkov​, ​Hanna Krüger​, ​Sofie Lachaert et Luc d'Hanis​, ​Le Corbusier​, ​Simon Legald, ​Bert Loeschner, ​Gillis Lundgren​, ​​Philippe Mainzer, ​MAL​, ​Jasper Morrison​, ​Isamu Noguchi​, ​Norway Says​, ​Nuuv, ​Satyendra Pakhalé​, ​Bertjan Pot, ​David Rowland, ​Wieki Somers​, ​Ettore Sottsass​,​ Robert Stadler, ​Mart Stam​, ​Philippe Starck​, ​Piet Stockmans, ​Matthew Strong​, ​TAF​, ​Unfold​, ​Patricia Urquiola, Bas van Beek​, J​an Van der Vaart​, Maarten Van Severen,​ Hans Wegner​, ​Sylvain Willenz
curated by Chris Meplon
 The concept is based on the story of RAR (rocking armchair rod base).
This rocking armchair, created from Ray and Charles Eames in the 50`s turned through time into an icon. Architects, Interior Designers as well as Product Designers use it as a timeless reference in renderings, photographs as well as in real settings. It is one of the most photographed chairs of our present.
The chair in this certain perspective is built upon the first picture emerging when you google the words RAR Eames. I printed that picture in life size and recreated the chair as an icon using it`s original materials.