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Monobloc Destruction by Bert Löschner,

Text: Blaise Korpnik, art historian, Slovenia

It is hard to believe that an item, that is so common and universal as the monobloc, can offer so much potential for artistic expression. A common white stacking chair, that everyone has at home, becomes in the creative mind of Bert Löschner an artistic medium in which the artist explores the chairs expressive potential. The chosen monobloc for the essay is in the form of a sketch, depicting two monoblocs facing each other and holding dry blowers at each other by the above-mentioned artist.The image brings up many contemporary issues, from plastic waste in the oceans to the complex human relationships. Löschner endows his chairs with a certain degree of humanity and I think the chosen image, on a symbolic level, perfectly depicts the relationships we humans like to foster between us.

 The heat is damaging to the material integrity of the chair, since the chairs are made of plastic, and plastic starts to melt when heated. Both chairs are thus harming one another or are threatening to do so. And so it is within the human world. As one-party damages another, the damage is often returned. We completely forget that we live in a world where everything is connected and one action triggers another. So even though harm is done on the other side of the world, and we feel secure that the damage will also stay there, but it will not. Instead it will creep back to us, affecting us on the same level.This can be perfectly summed up by the proverb “what goes around, comes around”. And in my opinion Lörschers drawing neatly symbolizes these close-minded destructive side of human nature.

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